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College Students

As a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Ennovata offers its all services to college students at no cost. This initiative has been taken under Dhiraj Jain Charitable Foundation (DJCF). This free offering is complemented by all sorts of support activities required for implementation. It is our sincere effort to go beyond business activities and contribute socially with effective and efficient non-profit services. The quality of our work remains the same; however, the services are available at no costs to strengthen our social commitment.

We do believe that every individual has a right to pursue his/her dreams in the life. The need is to support their dreams with necessary support. This belief is at the core of all our DJCF activities.

If you are a college student and if you have any idea in mind that can really help you grow, then you can approach DJCF to get all required support. Be sure that you will get the same response and treatment that is offered to our business customers. We will help you with all our domain expertise to make your dream a reality. Whatever is your requirement, we are ready to help you with that at no cost.

We are there to support you at every level of your project. We will make sure that you get best of best Ennovata service. Ennovata has never and will never compromise with the quality of work, irrespective of its nature of services.

Similar kinds of initiatives are also available for non-governmental and non-profit sector organizations, social workers and entrepreneurs. This is just the beginning and we will keep on adding to the list as we move ahead. The objective is to provide these institutions, organizations and individuals with quality services at no price to increase their chances of getting visible to the outside world.

Ennovata offers a range of IT services to choose from. Based on your project requirement, you can avail right service from us. Since its inception in 2008, Ennovata has helped numerous college students with their several projects, especially web-based. We have rendered all possible support to these students in their endeavor.

Ennovata is committed towards providing quality and timely services to you. Our no-nonsense and non-compromising attitude towards our business has allowed us to add new services and products in last two years. We have always taken extra care in utilizing our every single resource to its fullest capacity and deliver high quality products and services. From skilled workforce to infrastructure, every single resource is capable of maintaining and delivering best of the best services.

To avail this benefit, you can simply fill up the form from our website and send it for our review. We have set up a dedicated team to look into these aspects. Our team will review your application and if possible, will meet you in-person to know more about your project and ideas. The whole process may take around 15 days to 30 days time.

Note: So far, the approval rate for such initiatives is 100 percent.

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