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Ennovata is not only active on the business front, but also pays extra care towards its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. We carry our several activities under this initiative that are targeted towards providing free services to specific communities and audiences.

Corporate social responsibility is an integral and important part of Ennovata since its beginning. The major objective under this CSR is to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals by providing free quality services. This initiative also calls for continuous engagement with other charitable trusts and organizations to explore new ways and add new dimensions to our CSR initiative. We do believe that by helping organizations and individuals in attaining their goals can really create an ideal society to live. This initiative covers business activities, financial support, educational help,and charity.

The major initiative under the CSR is our Dhiraj Jain Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is actively involved in several social activities aimed at betterment of society. While working towards helping needy people, the Foundation also provides free services to several organizations. These organizations primarily include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions and individual social workers.

Under these free services, the Foundation actively supports these organizations setting up of their website or other web-related services at no cost. On the education front, it helps in delivering free computer education to needy and poor students.

Besides, this Foundation works closely with other charitable institutions, such as Friends2Support for social betterment.

Moving ahead, the company provides all necessary help to students and young entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. College students can be benefited by our free website services. On the other side, we will render all necessary support to entrepreneur in setting up their business. From website development to financial aid, we will always be there to support their objective.

Since its inception in 2008, Ennovata has helped numerous individuals and organizations in some or the other way. We do believe that apart from business generation activities we should pay attention towards our social responsibility. This belief is at the core of Dhiraj Jain Charitable Foundation. Whatever is your cause, we will try to resolve it for you.
Our commitment towards society portrays our ability to balance our profit and non-profit activities. We have replicated our no non-sense attitude in our CSR activities too. This symbolizes our strength to manage and deliver quality services irrespective of financial outcome.

From NGOs to entrepreneurs and social workers to college students, we are ready to help genuine people and genuine causes. We do thorough verification of individuals or organizations while giving them any free help. And we can proudly say that so far we have managed 100 percent ratio in helping individuals and organizations under our CSR initiative.

At Ennovata, we are committed to our social responsibilities and duties. By all means, we will be working constantly to enable organizations and individuals pursue their individual dreams and goals. It is our sincere endeavor to be as efficient as we can be to perform these social duties.

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