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Culture at Ennovata

At Ennovata, we believe in building strong relationship with the employees. The company has deployed special policy in place to enable employees to enjoy maximum benefits during their tenure. We encourage our workforce to enact proactively and give their best performance.

We have underscored the importance of crucial aspects that are very much important for individual and company growth. These aspects include :

    • Opportunities to grow
    • Proactive approach
    • High level performance
    • Independent execution
    • Team spirit
    • An eye for detail
    • Creativity

These aspects are at the core of Ennovata growth and commitment towards its customers. These aspects have really driven the growth of the company to become a team of 100 expert and dedicated professionals.

The management at Ennovata works closely with the employees to understand their problems, issues and tries to solve them efficiently and as soon as possible. Our every single employee is important and key. We value our relationship with our team members and take all possible steps to make them feel comfortable within the company. The key differentiator that really makes Ennovata stand out in the competition is its belief in constant and proactive discussion with the employees. The management regularly meets with other team members once a week or once in fortnight to discuss and take their feedback. This free and open environment allows employees to every possible aspect of their work, tasks and challenges. This really puts Ennovata management on track and takes decisions that can really turn this company into ideal workplace for every employee. Valuing our employee’s feedback is one of the important aspects of Ennovata functioning.
We offer ample opportunities to our employees that enable them to grow and excel in their domain. The process of learning always takes place within the company. Our team leaders have been nurturing their team members to deliver highest possible output as a team and individual. As we are continuously adding to our customer’s list, our workforce is always busy with work. This gives them a chance to try new things and experiment with them to innovate.

From time to time, the company spends money in leisure and entertainment activities. The objective is to allow our team members to take a break from hectic and tight daily schedule and get relaxed. This break from the routine schedule allows the team to concentrate on their tasks with fresh mind and ideas.

Some of the leisure activities that company organizes are :

    • Picnics
    • Entertainment programs
    • Educational trips

Besides these activities, the company also invites industry experts to interact with our team members to add to their knowledge and skill sets. Apart from the entertainment and leisure, the company also concentrates on efforts to develop individual abilities of the employees.

The company, from time to time, also organizes health check-up drives within the premises to keep the team fit and fine. We strongly believe that the healthy team can always perform better and as a responsible employer, we consider it as our prime duty.

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