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It’s not about charity, it’s about helping individuals, institutions and organizations realize their dreams and goals. By understanding the importance of social responsibility, we have balanced our profitable and non-profitable activities.

Our founder Mr. Dhiraj Jain strongly believes in individual dreams and passions and makes every effort to help others achieve their dreams and goals. His brain child, Dhiraj Jain Charitable Foundation (DJCF) is really working hard towards this noble cause. So far, the Foundation has worked with several NGOs, social workers and entrepreneurs to shape their dreams and goals.

The Foundation is a primary activity of Ennovata’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The Foundation has undertaken several noble and fruitful initiatives to support individuals and organizations.

Some of the initiatives are :

    • Offering free computer education to school children
    • Promoting awareness about activities, such as blood donation
    • Providing free services to college students, NGOs and entrepreneurs
    • Organizing camps, workshops on important social issues
    • Funding useful social activities

The primary objective of the Foundation is to build momentum around important social causes. On one hand, the Foundation supports individuals and organization through free services and on the other, talks about issues that really matter to us.

It is a duel role the Foundation is playing to balance its CSR activities. Under the Foundation activities, Ennovata offers several of its key and quality business services completely free to individuals and organizations.

Some of these services include :

    • Website design and development services
    • Bulk SMS services
    • Branding activities
    • Software development
    • Many more…

And most importantly, the company offers all these services with highest quality and accuracy. Ennovata has always maintained ‘no non-sense’ attitude towards its customers and offerings.

The key is to empower individuals and organizations with resources that can fuel their passion to achieve their desired goals. From business networking to funding and online visibility to branding, the Foundation is there to support your dreams.

Depending on their requirements, the Foundation has always been there to support them. For each of them, the Foundation has something unique to offer. While respecting their demands, we deliver our best to help them. Although the Foundation has certain formalities to get qualified for this free support, the success ratio, so far, has been the 100 percent.

For College Students, we have free website design and development services. If you are planning to build website for your college activities, then approach us for absolutely free, yet quality services.

For Entrepreneurs, we build several activities around your business goals. From initiating your company website and adding value through promotional efforts, we will help you set up your own business from scratch.

For Non-government Organizations, we have efficient and effective website design and development services. We will help you in strengthening your online visibility and promoting your activities on the web.

We are here to add wings to your dreams. Whatever is your requirement, we have solutions to meet them with efficiency and commitment. Connect with us know more about it…

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