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Employee Benefits

At Ennovata, we believe in building strong relationship with the employees. The company has deployed special policy in place to enable employees to enjoy maximum benefits during their tenure. We encourage our workforce to enact proactively and give their best performance.

As a responsible organization towards its employees, Ennovata provides its employees with numerous benefits. These benefits are available to the employee from the first day of his/her work. These benefits include :

    • Provident fund facility
    • Insurance policies for employees
    • Flexible timings
    • Magic Sunday
    • Organized and healthy work culture
    • An environment to grow

Ennovata always makes sincere efforts towards understanding the capabilities of an individual employee. Our management team works closely with other employees to understand their interests, skill sets, expertise and work-related queries.

The important aspect of handling employees at Ennovata is continuous interaction with employees. We have been utilizing various means to stay connected with our employees for better results. We believe this is very much important to encourage employees to perform better and enhance their necessary skill sets.

We want secure and safe future for our employees and their family members. Therefore, we have provident fund and insurance facilities for our employees. Through this effort, we are contributing to their future growth. They can avail these benefits as soon as they become an integral part of Ennovata. These benefits have been given as per the government rule.
We have covered every Ennovata employee under life insurance cover. Every employee gets life insurance cover of Rs. 100,000 after joining the company. This facility comes as an added advantage to our employees.

Along with professional commitments, we do value family commitments too. We have maintained flexible working hours for our employees at Ennovata. So, we are making sure that our employee is always there at all fronts of life whenever is required. This becomes very much important in balancing personal and professional commitments.

We also have our ‘Magic Sunday’ for our employees. Under this benefit, employees can indulge in some leisure activities to take a break from their busy schedule. We carry out numerous activities under this benefit and they are :

    • Picnic
    • Paragliding
    • Family visit (Especially for out-station employees)
    • Movie or drama
    • And the most exciting one – foreign tour. This may include non-business and / or business tours.

We have underscored the importance of crucial aspects that are very much important for individual and company growth. These aspects include :

    • Opportunities to grow
    • Proactive approach
    • High level performance
    • Independent execution
    • Team spirit
    • An eye for detail
    • Creativity

These aspects are at the core of Ennovata growth and commitment towards its customers. These aspects have really driven the growth of the company to become a team of 100 expert and dedicated professionals.

Our every single employee is important and is a key to our growth. We value our relationship with our team members and take all possible steps to make them feel comfortable within the company.

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