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Form Processing

Forms really ‘form’ a major aspect of any business activity, irrespective of size, vertical or region. Any business that interacts with customers has to have an influential and efficient form processing mechanism in place. This not only reflects the customer handling capabilities of an organization, but also portrays the internal capabilities of an organization. Be it your invoice, vouchers or medical claims, form processing is very much important for effective and streamlined business process.

The important aspect of form processing is the capability of accessing customer information at one place. Using convenient and simple online forms, companies can really gather important data from multiple locations about their customers at one central location. This simplifies the subsequent business processes.

Ennovata is a global provider of form processing solutions across all verticals. We are specialized in dealing with both structured and non-structured form processing versions.

Ennovata offers form processing services for variety of forms, such as :

    • Insurance claims forms
    • Survey / market research forms
    • HTML forms
    • CGI forms
    • ASP, JSP and PHP forms
    • Accounts / tax forms
    • Legal forms
    • Resume processing
    • E-mail forms
    • Online forms
    • Invoice / purchase forms
    • Questionnaires
    • Medical forms
    • Product registration forms
    • Credit card application forms
    • Payroll processing and
    • Feedback forms

Ennovata has always worked closely with customers to deliver secure and streamlined form processing mechanism. We deploy highly efficient and highly skilled professionals, proven process and state-of-art functionalities to handle structured and non-structured form processing services. We are capable of handling any size of form processing assignment, irrespective of fields, vertical or target audience

With us, 100% performance is guaranteed with maximum business benefits. These benefits are :

    • Cost-efficiency
    • Quick delivery
    • 24×7 online and offline support
    • Accuracy
    • Secure document handling

In today’s era of stiff competition, businesses are looking out for new avenues for increased sales opportunities. However, no marketing activity or branding activity can be successful unless and until it is delivered to right target audience. And to recognize that right audience forms are very important. Through forms you are not only collecting critical information about your customers, but also making your customer engagement mechanism streamlined and efficient.

Apart from regular business activities, our form processing services can be used for other important non-regular business activities too. These activities may include :

    • Workshops
    • Conference
    • Trade shows
    • Surveys

This comes as an added tool to collect important business data and information from users that can provide you with additional business opportunities. In a way, it strengthens your ability to connect with large audience.

As per your requirement, Ennovata can also provide you with manual data processing and forms data entry services. You can really count on us for superior quality, professional approach, better presentation and on-time solution delivery. Ennovata is committed to provide improved and quality services to our customers. We have been strengthening our service’s portfolio to be the ‘one-stop’ solution provider for all your business requirements.

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