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Magic Sunday

Since our inception in 2008, we have grown to become the leading outsourcing company in the Indian market. Our skilled and talented workforce of 100 employees testifies our growth and commitment towards our customers, market. We have been working closely with our employees to get maximum output from their services for the company.

We provide our employees with numerous benefits, encouraging them to deliver best of their talent for organizational as well as individual growth. Our management team constantly works towards this direction and comes out with unique and innovative ways to keep employees engaged and happy with the company.

‘Magic Sunday’ is one such concept. Fully targeted towards providing employees with additional benefits for their commitment towards company and work, Magic Sunday covers numerous activities. These activities include :

    • Picnic
    • Paragliding
    • Family visit (Especially for out-station employees)
    • Movie or drama
    • And the most exciting one – foreign tour (This may include non-business and / or business tours.

The basic goal behind this concept is to keep employees motivated and focused towards their work and company. This also gives our management team to interact and share their experience and expertise with other team members.

We do understand that our employees are one of important business assets. Therefore, we are looking out for ways to keep our asset motivated and moving. We have been getting good response to this unique concept from our employees.

To make our outdoor experience interesting and thrilling, we have been taking our employees to the places that can really encourage them to do something big and innovative. We are using this opportunity to keep ourselves motivated by visiting and talking about the places, personalities that have really made it big. We really want to be the inspirational force for our employees in their professional life. And Magic Sunday is giving us that opportunity.
We are also organizing abroad business tours for our employees to enable gain maximum knowledge about their profession and market demands. If not for business purpose, our employees can also enjoy personal trips through this unique initiative to refresh their minds from busy and tight schedules. We are blending both leisure and profession under the concept of Magic Sunday.

We have underscored the importance of crucial aspects that are very much important for individual and company growth. These aspects include :

    • Opportunities to grow
    • Proactive approach
    • High level performance
    • Independent execution
    • Team spirit
    • An eye for detail
    • Creativity

These aspects are at the core of Ennovata growth and commitment towards its customers.
Our every single employee is important and is a key to our growth. We value our relationship with our team members and take all possible steps to make them feel comfortable within the company.  Magic Sunday is one such true step that we have taken in this direction and really got good response from our employees. moving ahead, we will continue to add to the such initiatives.

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