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Under our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Ennovata works closely with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to enhance their activities. The prime objective is to help these NGOs attain their goals. We have been offering our several quality services to such organizations absolutely free to help them get better visibility.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for an organization to utilize efficient business services from the market due to financial constraints. Such roadblocks prevent them to enhance their visibility and create more awareness about their work.

To enable these organizations to spread buzz about their activities, Ennovata offers it key services to them at no cost. Be it effective website development or bulk SMS, or be it e-mailing solutions or software development, we do not charge anything to them.

At Ennovata, we do believe that it is our social responsibility to contribute to the noble causes in every possible way. Apart from offering our quality services absolutely free, we also enable to enhance their networking by spreading the word from our side. Therefore, we are enhancing their visibility through every possible means.

Internally, we have been organizing several camps, such as blood donation camps, organizing guest lectures on important topics, through small workshops, to enable our employees to know more about such initiatives.

Similar kinds of initiatives are also available for college students, social workers and entrepreneurs. This is just the beginning and we will keep on adding to the list as we move ahead. The objective is to provide these institutions, organizations and individuals with quality services at no price to increase their chances of getting visible to the outside world.

We have a range of services that can really prove beneficial in your endeavor. And this all comes at no cost. Sometimes it becomes difficult for an entrepreneur to approach right people for right help. Ennovata can help you in connecting with people that can really have the capability to add value to your business. Influential business networking is very much important to get established in any business.  So, we have lots of shades to color your business dreams. Be it business networking or developing your own website, or be it finding financial support or key promotional activities, we are ready to help you in your endeavor absolutely free.

Ennovata is committed to your goal and guarantees that we will not lower our quality while delivering free services for your business. Ennovata has never and will never compromise with the quality of work, irrespective of its nature of services.

To avail this benefit, you can simply fill up the form from our website and send it for our review. We have set up a dedicated team to look into these aspects. Our team will review your application and if possible, will meet you in-person to know more about your project and ideas. The whole process may take around 15 days to 30 days time.

Note: So far, the approval rate for such initiatives is 100 percent.

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