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Portfolio (By Solutions)

Ennovata has been working closely with customers to add new products, solutions to its portfolio. At present, we have one of the broadest portfolios of products in the market. This symbolizes our strength and capabilities of delivering our customers’ every single business requirement under one roof. The idea is to enable customers to streamline their business process in lesser time with accuracy.

Our solution's portfolio primarily includes software products. These products are :

    • Matrimonial website
    • Yellow pages software
    • Contacts management software
    • ERP
    • Advertising agency software
    • Insurance agents’ software
    • Shopping site software
    • Cheque printing software
    • Inventory management software
    • Billing software
    • e-Learning software
    • Library management software, and
    • Birthday and anniversary management system

Every single product covered under this portfolio is aimed at streamlining our clients’ processes, and make them efficient. From basic software to ERP and inventory management to billing, we do have products to meet your business requirement. This portfolio allows us to reach out to larger customer base and markets.

Who can use these products ?

    • Manufacturing units
    • Logistics companies
    • e-Commerce sites
    • Educational institutions
    • Advertising agencies, and
    • Insurance companies

Besides, they can also be used by ANY company looking to streamline routine processes.

Features :

    • Use of modern technologies
    • Ability to customize to meet your requirements
    • 24×7 online and offline support
    • Professional guidance
    • Ease of use, and
    • Cost-effective

At Ennovata, we believe in using modern and updates tools and techniques. This allows us to deliver competent and industry-standard solutions to our customers. As we are serving to the global clientele, it becomes necessary for us to invest in updated technologies. Additionally, we are efficiently using these techniques to provide our customers with customized products that are specific to their company, business need, and industry.

We do consider the fact that companies are spending a lot on software products; however, it also becomes costly affair for them to train their workforce on using these products. Considering this critical point, Ennovata offers very easy to use products. Our customers really do not have to pay extra in training their workforce on it. With initial basic training, your employees can really use these products like experts.

Business benefits :

    • Effective process management
    • Reduced manual efforts
    • Quick and maximum ROI
    • Increased productivity
    • Process efficiency
    • Edge over competition
    • Better customer management, and
    • Time management

We understand the criticalities of your business processes, and time involved in it. Therefore, the aim is to provide our customers with high quality software products to address all important aspects of processes. From effective process management to the process efficiency, and improve time management to customer handling, our software have the capabilities to ensure better productivity for you. Our customers enjoy superior market standing with high quality performance. This gives them an added advantage them against their competition in the market.

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