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Small & Medium Sized IT Companies

Sometimes it becomes difficult for a company to deliver a comprehend services portfolio to their customers. In such scenarios, partnering with companies like Ennovata becomes the great option. With one of the broadest portfolio of IT services in the Indian outsourcing market, Ennovata has answer to your all business questions.

Our strength lies in working with all possible technologies and platforms available in the market today. Our ability to deliver high quality and trusted technology services makes us eligible to explore new business avenues. And this is possible only with partnering with new business associates and complementing to each other’s services.

Broader portfolio of offerings :

Our ability to adapt to market trends and customer requirements has enabled us to add new products and services in the market. We offer one of the broadest portfolios of services to the customers in the market today. Our services are :

    • Application development
    • Software development
    • Re-engineering
    • BPO and KPO services
    • Open Source Software services

Our services are aimed at making businesses processes easier and faster. At Ennovata, we understand the value of time and money and always strived towards best of best services delivery. And this is very significant in 24×7 customer support. The company is completely focused and offering our customers ‘value for their money’.

Our strength :

Our strength lies in an ability to deliver quality products and services in shortest possible time. Being the leading outsourcing company, we have focusing on key aspects of our business. These aspects primarily involve :

    • Infrastructure
    • Online and offline support
    • 24×7 connectivity
    • Use of genuine and authentic tools
    • Creativity

What we offer to these companies?

We do believe that any business relation is a two-way process. This two-way process allows us to strengthen existing offerings by adding value to it. With Ennovata, small and medium sized IT companies can exactly expect the same. This is required to gain maximum business benefits and better customer experience in the market.

    • Opportunity to expandValue-addition to existing portfolio
    • New customer base
    • Better customer experience
    • Improved market visibility
    • Increased business opportunity

Ennovata is committed towards providing quality and timely services to its customers. Our no-nonsense and non-compromising attitude towards our business and customers has allowed us to add new services and products in last two years. To provide our customers with updated and modern services, we have been investing heavily in contemporary business tools and techniques.

The future belongs to Ennovata. This is the right time for companies to get associated with us and reap maximum business benefits from this association. We provide our customers with multiple concepts that can really represent their business in the market. We used various tools and techniques to deliver up-to-date product to our customers.  Our services can be outsourced based as per the customer’s requirements and business goals. At Ennovata, the key is to maintain high industry standards and be quick to respond to customer’s requirements.

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