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Web Research / Data Mining

Web research is very much essential for gathering market information about competition, products, services, customers and trends. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for an organization to deploy dedicated teams for this purpose. This is where Ennovata comes into picture. One of the leading outsourcing companies in India, Ennovata has a dedicated web research team to carry out research activities on behalf of your company.

Our web research services include :

    • Product research
    • Market research
    • Competitive research
    • Surveys and feedback
    • Trending
    • Analysis and reporting

Our proven market expertise and experience can provide you with multiple business benefits. These benefits are :

    • Enhance your business intelligence
    • Effective database management
    • Improved market research capabilities
    • Automation of back office functionalities
    • Better customer management
    • Increased business opportunities

Apart from these benefits, our web research services can really help you in designing and supporting your several critical business processes. Our web research services can help you in :

    • Strategic planning
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Promotional activities
    • Information management and most importantly
    • Decision-making

Who can use our services?

Irrespective of verticals and products, any organization can be benefited from our web research services. If you are looking out for cutting-edge market intelligence services, then Ennovata is the right business partner for you.

Some of the key features of our web research offerings :

    • Quick delivery
    • Professional guidance
    • Secure data management
    • Use of modern tools and techniques
    • Advanced infrastructure resources

By understanding your business, industry, customers and competition, we are capable of delivering improved web research services to meet your business objectives.

Data Mining :

Whether it’s your market intelligence or business intelligence, data forms a major part of it. Ennovata specializes in delivery effective and efficient data mining services to the customers. Our data mining services incorporate highly formatted documents and reports, making it possible for you to gain maximum business benefits.

With our data mining services, customers can build productive reports and analysis to plan their future business strategies. These reports drive business users with the analytical capabilities with influential data mining insights.

Some of the key features of our data mining services are :

    1. Effective data management
    2. Accurate analytical capabilities
    3. Efficient use of several data mining functions: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Tree Regression, Decision Trees, Association Rules Models and Time Series Models
    4. Import sophisticated predictive algorithms in PMML format

The important business benefits using our data mining services :

    • Professional and analytical presentation of reports
    • Individualized message delivery to customers
    • Secure database management
    • Customized delivery
    • Effective management of your resources
    • Cost-effective approach
    • Reduced paper dependence
    • Improved quality and efficiency
    • Professional support and guidance
    • Access to superior technologies
    • Better customer management and
    • Process streamlining

Through our effective data mining services, you can receive precise and important information from your large database. No matter, how massive is your data; we are capable of delivering information that is crucial to your business.

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