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Website Hosting

The website hosting is one of the key offerings at Ennovata.  Ennovata offers a range of web hosting solutions as per the customer requirements. Our web hosting solutions are one of the secure, scalable, reliable and cost-effective offerings in the market today. These services are complemented by effective support mechanism to ensure highest return on investment (ROI) to our customers. Ennovata offers a choice between Windows and Linux operating systems for hosting websites on shared and dedicated servers to meet various requirements by small, medium and large organizations. Based on your requirement, you can choose your hosting plan and be assured of highest quality support services. We will be available 24×7 to meet your support expectations while handling your mission-critical hosing requirements.

Shared hosting plans :

    • Windows / Linux operating systems
    • POP3 email and web mail accounts
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • ASP.net 2.0, 3.0 Framework & PHP 4, 5 Support
    • MSSQL 2005 server, MYSQL Database
    • Cpanel hosting control panel

Support services :

    • 24×7 support by phone, email
    • Live chat support 24×7
    • Informational resources like articles and tutorials for better account management

Features :

    • Reliable and quality web hosting
    • Efficient load balance for better performance
    • Ability for multiple back-ups
    • Faster response time

Dedicated server hosting plans :

Along with shared hosting, Ennovata also makes it easier for customers to go online with its dedicated server hosting offerings. Based on your requirements and business expectations, we offer you feature-rich dedicated hosting services

Our plans :

    • Red Hat Linux, Windows 2003, FreeBSD, Debian or CentOS
    • Complete root access via RDP / SSH
    • 24×7 server monitoring
    • Instant software updates
    • Software installations
    • Back-up and data storage facility

Our web hosting services are really aimed at smoothen your online experience. With enhanced features, effective data management and storage and 24×7 support, we really want to help customers gain maximum benefits from our offerings. For every business, it is very essential to have uninterrupted and secure online presence and our web hosting services is an ideal solution to attain it. Being one of the premium providers of web hosting services in India, Ennovata is committed to your data protection and storage. We have invested heavily to keep your information secure from third-party access and online threats.

Customer can easily choose from our wide range of hosting solutions to have an effective online presence. Based on your budget, business expectations and data capabilities, we provide you with right hosting options.

We have a dedicated team to undertake and manage your web hosting requirements. These professionals have extensive experience in handling various types of hosting services for various clients. We make sure that you get maximum output for your investment. They are trained to handle any type of critical condition and provide best of the best support services available in the industry today.

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